As a schoolteacher in the 70s I realised that my 'why' was to bring out the best in not only the children, but also my team. I strived to let them be their authentic selves and added a big spoonful of fun to the classes to the dismay of the headmaster!  This aligned with my passion  for dance, sport and entertainment lead me to break into the fitness scene and within a few years I was an educator and coach for thousands of people globally. 
With the support of my colleagues and friends-my A team, plus JonnyG my  long-suffering husband, I took a risk and believed in myself, being unique and creating easy programmes that allowed non-exercisers to join in- Mad Moves, Line Dance, Disco Yoga.etc. 
I strived to be different, a little bit crazy and loved the challenge of people telling me-You Can't do that!
Being bold I convinced the German Verband they needed me-and there started my journey, presenting my unique brand of fitness globally. Reebok spotted me onstage doing 'Old Macdonalds had a Farm ' and asked me to write the Reebok Kidz programme. The risk paid off once again!
Participants then asked me to share my tips and strategies on "energy, laughter and positivity" my life as a speaker and coach was launched. I attended the Speakers Convention in USA and started to teach the legendary FISH programme which matched my style completely. A mix of entertainment and know-how. 
I was fascinated by the results and began to delve further into the world of personal and professional development-attending the top speakers across the globe-investing in Coaching Certifications, Executive Coachings, NLP the use of psychometric testing and in the last few years learning how to develop and teach Emotional Intelligence skills to leaders, CEOs, companies and  teams throughout the world. The birth of 'The Sizzlemaker' was launched!
 I would love to share my experience, coaching strategies and tips to empower you to "Be Bold" take positive steps to clarify your needs and wants and be who you were born to be!
In the words of Oscar Wilde
Be yourself, everyone is already taken!